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Safeguard  all people involved in real estate transactions from being penalized or affected negatively before or after the sale of a property because of pre-existing building & zoning violations.



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New service for investors who buy properties in Miami-Dade County auctions.

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Too often the issue of building and zoning violations is overlooked by the buyer or unknown by the seller.

In the case of the buyer, the new owner will inherit any illegal improvement made to the property. Then, sooner or later, the buyer is penalized and will have to pay unexpected costs and waste a lot of time figuring out what’s wrong.

In the case of the seller, a pre-existing violation will extend or interrupt the closing. Also a potential buyer will be concerned and could decide don’t make the deal. All this will delay the sale of the property even more.

If property’s violations are discovered prior to the sale, both buyer and seller will be able to make the right decisions before the sale, negotiating and working together in an honest and transparent win-to-win process.

Search Before U Buy can save both buyer and seller time and money. We will perform the most complete and through search in several Miami-Dade County databases and offices in order to find if a property has any zoning or building violation. We will collect and gather all the construction history information and write a report that is easy to understand (English or Spanish). We will support that report with the documents obtained from the different County offices.

Then, the buyer, seller or their agent can inspect the property and compare what is built with the information we provide. Whatever the results are, and based in the available information, all people involved in the transaction will be able to make the right decision avoiding costly mistakes.


Do you know somebody who had bought a residential or commercial property and after some time has been penalized because of a violation left by the previous owner? Let us know at: info@search