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If you are a Professional Realtor that is taking care of REO properties you already know about the new Certificate of Use required according to the Ordinance 08-133.

We are not going to explain in detail this process, show you how complicated this process is or why you should consider complying with this requirement.

Search Before U Buy wants to make this process easy and fast for you so the properties your client (The Bank) acquired through a Certificate of Title can be sold as quickly as possible.

Let to us take care of the licenses, certifications, inspections and all of that stuff.

We can coordinate all the process (Inspecting - Expediting - Recording) to get the certificate of use for you.

All the services fees and charges, including Miami-Dade County fees are included in our flat fee so you don't have to worry about making payments to all the different parties involved in the process.

We will deliver the C.U. in 7 business days from the day we receive your request. We can also deliver it by e-mail, by U.S. certified mail, or personally by courier to your office in Miami-Dade County.

We Basically Include:

  • Search to find any pre-existing zoning or building violation.
  • As-built survey is done to all the properties.
  • Disclosure of Findings Report by a licensed and certified engineer including estimates.
  • Submittal to Zoning Department.
  • Recording in the Clerk of Courts.
  • Deliver C.U. to the title holder by e-mail first and then by certified U.S. mail.
  • All Miami-Dade County fees are included you will not incur in any additional cost.
  • Turnaround is seven business days.

How to order:

We offer four options:

  1. On-Line: You can order on-line through our secure web site. Internet orders take priority over faxed, e-mail or phone orders.
  2. Fax: You can print the Search Request Form directly from our web site, fill it out and send it by fax at 1-888-202-5969. Our staff will process the payment and then will start the service.
  3. E-mail: You can also send us an e-mail to Info@SearchBeforeUBuy.comwith the complete contact, service and payment information.
  4. Phone: You can order by calling us at 1-888-202-5969 Ext. 1. Please be sure to have ready the complete contact, service and payment information.

Turnaround Time:

7 business days after we process the payment (on-line orders are processed faster and have priority).

Delivery Method:

We can deliver your results in a PDF file by e-mail first and then by U.S. mail. If you need the original documentation sooner, we can deliver your results by courier.

Our Services and fees:

Below you will see a partial price list, if you have any question or want to receive more information, please contact us by e-mail to or calling at 1-888-202-5969.

Services for Certificate of Use (Ordinance 08-133):


(Include everything to get the C.U., County fees, and delivery)


Certificate of Use (Ordinance 08-133) for SFR, duplexes, townhouses

 $ 1,300.00

Certificate of Use (Ordinance 08-133) for condos

 $ 1,100.00


Do you know somebody who had bought a residential or commercial property and after some time has been penalized because of a violation left by the previous owner? Let us know at: info@search